Construction Analytics

During the project lifecycle, understanding where you are winning and losing work, trends in project performance and capturing lessons learned at the end of the project, impacts your profitability. Get the right information, to the right people at the right time to improve project and company performance.

Operations Processes &

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Solution Partnership

Reduce the cost and complexity of implementing solutions to your organization. Basemethod 'Integrated Enterprise' approach gives you proven solutions with low time to value.

Qualified Project Resources

Dealing with peaks and valleys of resource requirements is challenging for any organization. Get qualified resources for your project from Basemethod.

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Project Portfolio Analytics

Starting with the big picture, provides immediate feedback on a project portfolio is doing. If the portfolio overall is doing well, that does not mean there is not room for improvement in specific projects within the portfolio to drvie better overall performance.
Get real insight into your project portfolio.

Ops Analytics

For companies with multiple division or service lines, viewing overall and individual divisional performance can seem like an impossible task. The ability to drill into how the company's divisions are performing on projects and which have healthly work backlog based on the lasted data, provides the company with effecticive decision support. This helps drive where business development and operations manager need to focus their attention to deliver to the business plan for contract work and profitability.

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When data is consolidated and structured for analysis, it helps in painting a picture of a company's project pursuit.

Evaluate business development performance to:

  • Evaluate overall project pursuit performance against target win ratios
  • Visualize the current bid pipeline and volume sitting at each stage with the ability to drill down into the list of projects being estimated
  • View win/loss ratios by month based on dollars and number of bids
  • Review key customer win/loss ratios to see the dollars bid versus dollars awarded

Analyze the detail behind the numbers……

  • Where are we winning?
  • Where are we losing?
  • How are we doing in each division?
  • How are we doing in our different regions?
  • What margin and contract types are we winning?
  • What customers buy our services from one division but not others?
  • What projects do we have in the bid pipeline for customers we have high win ratios with?

Ask how we can put an Estimating Analytics solution in place for you.

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Leverage your Hard Dollar Control data to evaluate individual project performance, division or service line performance and company performance. Project teams require the ability to see how the project is currently performing and where trends are taking the project if they continue. Use Project Controls Analytics to gain insight into where projects are performing well and where corrective action is required. Give your projects team access to:

  • ‘S’ curves for PV/EV/AV cost and man-hours
  • ‘S’ curves for forecast cost and man-hours
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI) analysis using multiple filter criteria
  • Project progress and schedule performance index (SPI)
  • Cost variance analysis by period and key grouping
  • Heat map for man-hour performance
  • Change order summary by type and status with drill down into change order details
  • Commitment drawdowns by vendor and Commitment number
  • Add key performance metrics using colors to visual show if performance is above or below target

Our solutions are flexible to allow you to apply different key performance by project type. Schedule a time to learn how your project teams can get more insight into your projects.

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With few exceptions, technology cannot help an organization without having stardard processes in place to create a company project delivery system. The ability to estimate, plan and execute projects consistently relies on common understanding of company workflows.and standards to create a system that can measure performance. Once in place, technology can then be chosen to support operations to deliver the insights required to manage to the company's key performance indicators.

If your processes could use an update, leverage our experience.



Aligning technology investments with the business plan will:

  • Focuses technology budgets on buying or building capabilities to support company goals and objectives.
  • Providing technology direction showing the technology building blocks with timelines for new capabilities.
  • Be the plan to improve business insight through technology on the key performance indicators that drive the company’s bottom line and enable improved operational decision making.



The role of the Technology Advisor is to provide advice and direction in formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes.

This role focuses on managing to the Technology Plan, identify opportunities to use technology for business process efficiency and competitive advantage. The role will drive the planning, execution and delivery of the Technology Plan throughout the calendar year, ensuring objectives are achieved.

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(Powered by Constructionis)

Having access to industry leading construction technologies is a requirement to compete in today's construction marketplace. Trying to keep inhouse skills to manage your day-to-day technology software can be difficult and costly.

Discover how Basemethod's ConstructionIS (Construction Information Systems) approach can keep you supported with market leading technologies at a reasonable total cost of ownership.



Looking for a company that can provide Construction Management Technology solutions for a single or portfolio of projects?

At Basemethod we can supply you with project planning and execution technology along with the qualified people to support your project.

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Project Resource


Basemethod provides qualified project resources certified on industry leading software plaforms to help keep your project on track. These roles include:

Field Admin
Cost Controllers
Project Control Managers

If you have a project that you require resources for, we can help.

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